In the News

The presence is small, but nevertheless it’s there. This post is just to curate all the mentions of my projects in the news or blogs.

Projects :

April 22, 2013

Healthy Eat out recommendation system: the simplest way to explain this project is a Pandora for eating out. The project done with a lot of help from the Health and Nutrition department at University of Florida, suggests users eating out options based on individual taste while keeping on eye on their nutritional requirements.

Mention in the DSR blog, in the Gainesville Sun

Code available at github.

February 22, 2013

Civic Reporter: An app built in a 6 hour hackathon for open data day . It allows users to upload photographs of issues like facilities break down, utility outages and any other hazardous situations. This can then bee viewed by users, and respective administration personnel on web in form of a report or a heat map.

Mention in Gainesville Sun

Code available at github.


Tools that I use

You should start simple right ?

So here are all the tools that I use on my machine for everyday work .

Text editor

Notepad++ for writing small code snippets, editing html, css , js. The thing that I like about NP++ is that it allows for custom code highlighting. This makes it easier to read log files and write code for obscure languages like CLIPS.

Texts – neat markdown editor that lets me quickly format notes and also allows for pushing onto sites like github. I have now found myself writing most of my notes in this. Its lightweight , its quick and it supports all the formatting that I need. Word 2013 remains closed.


Console 2 over powershell and Cygwin ( I have almost stopped using the cmd.) I will not say much about it here as Scott Hanselman has done a pretty good job of it.


I am currently using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate , courtesy of my university’s Dreamspark account, and I am completely spoiled by it. ( I was also using the 2008,  2010, and 2012 ultimate  versions  thanks to my previous employers and my University). I currently have a 1st gen i5 laptop with 6gb of ram and I am absolutely in awe with the speed with the application launches.All other IDEs and versions of Visual Studio pale in comparison. Return on the colored icons has been another high as has the code lens feature.

Since project works are often required to be delivered in java, Eclipse is my go to IDE for Java, but not because I have a lot of love for it , its just that  most of the stuff works out of the box in it.

Version Control

Git – github is where I keep most of my code, to get it working on my machine I use the no brainer Github for Windows and posh-git extension for powershell.

Image Editing for working with images that I use in applications, tools like Photoshop or gimp would be a total overkill for me.


Foxit Reader for pdf use, its faster than Adobe Reader, and also allows editing of the documents. It has been a while since I have taken a printout of a document to sign it, only to scan and send it back. The feature that I like most is that it allows password protected scanned signatures that you can affix to any document.

Dropbox for keeping all the important documents, and sharing photographs with my parents who live across the globe.


Windows 8.1 , there is absolutely no way I would go back to any other version of windows. I really like the small subtle features that Redmond has added to their latest offering. Simple things that take chinks out of everyday use. Features like pausing a file transfer operation, mounting isos, saving screenshots as Images, and Integrated search amongst others. The absence of the traditional start menu has had a surprising effect on me. Now that I cannot click the start menu to scroll and search applications, I find  myself using the keyboard to reach all those applications and settings. So hey the new UI has forced me to be more productive.