In the News

The presence is small, but nevertheless it’s there. This post is just to curate all the mentions of my projects in the news or blogs.

Projects :

April 22, 2013

Healthy Eat out recommendation system: the simplest way to explain this project is a Pandora for eating out. The project done with a lot of help from the Health and Nutrition department at University of Florida, suggests users eating out options based on individual taste while keeping on eye on their nutritional requirements.

Mention in the DSR blog, in the Gainesville Sun

Code available at github.

February 22, 2013

Civic Reporter: An app built in a 6 hour hackathon for open data day . It allows users to upload photographs of issues like facilities break down, utility outages and any other hazardous situations. This can then bee viewed by users, and respective administration personnel on web in form of a report or a heat map.

Mention in Gainesville Sun

Code available at github.